Thursday, October 31, 2013


Brains. Aren’t they weird? I mean, really weird. If you mess with just one little piece of someone’s brain, you can completely change that person. They may take on an entirely new personality and temperament, or their own concept of reality can be altered. The brain: the most complex thing in the universe! 
But you know what? The brain can be pretty dumb. For all the big talk it gets, it has let me down on too many occasions:

Let’s wake up an hour before the alarm so that you can think about the alarm going off for an hour.

Somebody farted? Better sniff to see if it smells.

Remember that song you heard once a year ago? Let’s sing that one line you remember over and over and over and…

Almost asleep? Here. Let me jerk your whole body to make sure you’re still alive.

Don’t forget all the times we forget what we’re looking for or what that word is or what we came in here to do. One time I didn’t even recognize my own middle name! I knew it was Scott, but that didn’t make sense. Scott can’t be a name. I said it aloud to myself multiple times, and it sounded, I don’t know, just wrong. That was an odd feeling. Today, I spent over 8 hours thinking that it was Saturday.  I was so excited for more Buckeye football, and now I have to wait for two more days. Silly brain. Do your job.

Anyway, it’s Thursday night, and it’s Halloween! There are fireworks going off throughout the city, and I’m watching them from my window. Enjoy the costumes everybody!

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