Monday, October 28, 2013


Let me begin by saying that this blog may not ever see another update, and if it does, I cannot promise that any of the content will be worth reading.  In fact, for the longest time, I said I wouldn’t start a blog, but here we are.  So here’s the deal:  Sometimes the writings will be deep and thoughtful with a resounding spiritual aspect and ending with a life lesson.  Other times the writings will be absolute nonsense.  That’s because that is how my mind works.  I can be meditating and contemplating the complexity of the world and suddenly find myself thinking about a pesky hangnail, Doctor Who, boogers, who would win in a fight between Mr. Rogers and the Easter bunny, and Nerds flavored Blizzards from DQ (those used to be my favorite…who knows why).  See what I mean? 

This blog will be more of a form of therapy for me than anything else.  It might include subjects such as sadness, loneliness, and fear; joy and excitement; my rantings and ravings about life; or a silly anecdote.  This is my attempt to pull away the covers.  Too often the world frightens us into censoring our thoughts and actions and keeping them stashed away, but I think that sometimes a dose of brutal honesty is exactly what’s needed.   And honestly, I have zero expectations for this blog, either big or small.  That is exactly why this is a wee bit exciting!  (Ah! See that wee Irish word. OH! There it is again!)  

 Anything could happen… 

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