Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Never Growing Tired of Smiles and Hugs!

You never know what to expect with children.  One day will be full of one crying baby after another, and the next day will explode with giggles of glee.  I can say that my feelings for the children are accurately portrayed by this cat:

Yesterday was a bit hectic.  It was our first day back after a week off, and things seemed to be going a million miles per hour.  But today was excellent!  Everything went better than usual.  The babies were calm and smiley (although extra drooly).  The toddlers weren't plotting their escape during lunchtime.  It was an all-around good morning, and the afterschool group was just as excellent.  We had a new young girl come today for the first time.  I can tell already that we're going to be good friends.  She was quick to laugh at all of my nonsense, and she offered some of her own right back.  Apparently, I have Smurfs living in my ears.  I'll have to get that checked out...  And the other children were just as delightful this evening.  I'll never grow tired of a child giving me a hug out of the blue!

There's not much better than smiling babies and laughing children!

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